Festival programme 2022

The taste, the scent and the sound of medieval

The programme for 2022 is not ready yet.

However, you can look forward to experiencing knights jousting, jugglers, flag throwing, historical experts, storytellers, fire jugglers and much more.

At the Festival you can always visit the many beautiful camps and chat with the many enthusiasts among exhibitors, merchants and artists. They all posses a great passion for the Middle Ages and reveal everything from an authentic knights’ life and weaponry to needlecraft and basket weaving.In the Medieval Market Place you can meet merchants from all corners of the world when they arrive in Horsens to sell their wares.

In the Market Place you can buy all sorts of things – from locally grown spices to the latest in medieval fashion. Don’t expect to be able to buy a soda, a cup of coffee or to get tomato ketchup, napkins or a fork for your food – they didn’t exist in the middle ages.

Please note that change can still be made in the programme.

Map of the festival site

This map is from 2019 and has yet to be updated


Markedspladsen er et stort område hvor handelsliv, madboder, kroer samt diverse middelalderlige aktiviteter ligger tæt.


Buen er navnet på børneområdet. Her finder du alskens sjove aktiviteter for børn og barnlige sjæle. Klappedyr, middelalderkarrusel og gøglerier. Her finder du også bueskydningsbanen der absolut ikke kun er for børn.


Borggården er området hvor du finder den store Ridderarena, flagkasterne kommer forbi og her er spændende boder.


Klosterhaven er et roligt område med plads til fordybning. Her finder du Middelalderkirken, munke og nonner samt middelalderens planter og lægeurter.