Terms and conditions

Terms for participation

Opening hours
Your stall or encampment must be open for visitors Friday from 16:00 to 23:00 and Saturday from 10:00 to 23:00.

To ensure the best possible audience experience and the best overall impression, you may not close down your stall before the festival’s closing time or begin putting away any part of your stall in view of visitors unless otherwise agreed with the organizers.


Setting up / Packing up
A map over the festival area and information about location of your stalls and tents will be sent to you in August before the festival. The location directions must be complied with, since they are made on the basis of the current fire and safety rules for festival and markets in general.

All stallholders must check in at the festival office upon arrival before setting up. You will the festival office in Borggården (the castle courtyard). Checking out is also done at the festival office. Remember to do this after you packed up your stall and before you leave the festival site.


Check-in times are:
Wednesday August 28, from 10:00 to 20:00.
Thursday August 29, from 10:00 to 22:00.

If you can’t make it during this period of time, you must make a special appointment with the organizers.
When you check in you will be given a festival kit with festival map, your location directions and a stall number. The stall number must be placed visible on your tent.
Please note that all driving and parking in the festival grounds must be complete before Friday August 30 at 08:00 unless otherwise is agreed. This also applies to transport of goods.


There is a circulating night shift from Wednesday August 28 on the festival site.


Check-out times are:
Saturday August 31 at 23:00 to Sunday September 01 at 12:00


All stallholders/encampments must vacate the grounds on Sunday, September 01. NB: For stalls located in Borggården (the castle courtyard) the check-out deadline is Sunday 10:00.


When you check out you must return the things we handed out at arrival.

Every stallholder is responsible for clearing your area before leaving. We ask that you collect your own waste and deposit it in the containers. Note that you will be required to pay a fee of DKK 1000 if you fail to leave your designated stall area in the same state as you received it.


Driving and parking
All driving and parking on the festival site is prohibited from Friday August 30 08.00 to Saturday August 31 23.30. Unless other agreements have been made with the
organizers. Please consider other people working on site, and avoid unnecessary driving on grass areas to avoid mud at the festival site.


Each stall will receive one or two parking permits for the closed parking area for stallholders only (Bodholder-parkering). The Parking permit are handed out at check in. If you require more parking, we refer you to the paid parking facilities at the festival site.
Please note that one trailer counts for one parking spot. This means that if you have a car and a trailer, you will need one parking permit for the car and one for the trailer. The permits must be displayed visible on both cars and trailers the whole time. Parking of animal transport vehicles should be arranged separately with the organizers.


It is not allowed to stay overnight in the parked cars, and please note that the parking areas are not guarded.


General rules
It is important to Horsens Medieval Festival that everyone has an enjoyable and safe experience at the festival. The following rules must be followed:

  • You must always comply with directions from the festival staff without hesitation. 
  • Any kind of violence or threat of violence will result in immediate reporting to the police and removal from the festival. Any type of aggressive behaviour is prohibited. The greatest consideration must be given to visitors and to the employees of the festival.
  • Alcohol may not be served to people under the age of 18. The stallholder must ask for ID in case of any doubt. Adults over 18 years of age may not buy alcohol for or give alcohol to young people under 18.
  • Persons, including stallholder, who jeopardise other people’s sense of safety by the way of dressing, markings, or behaviour are not allowed and will be removed from the festival grounds.


Stall decoration
Your stall or camp should represent a market stall / encampment from the medieval period c. 1350-1536. Modern props and materials are not allowed. The festival organizers reserve the right to determine whether the stall, its content, and its surroundings appear historically convincing. The festival organizers reserve the right to demand that items or decorations that does not appear historically convincing must be removed.

  • You may only use props, materials, and furnishing which existed in medieval times.
  • For safety reasons, torches (which are not the festival’s own) are not allowed.
  • In food preparation areas, you are may use lighting to ensure safety and food hygiene, but please keep lamps discreet and screened off. Electric lighting is only permitted if it is LED based and the lamps are not visible. Fluorescent tubes are not allowed. Horsens Medieval Festival reserves the right to require at any time that any lighting must be removed if failing to meet the requirements.
  • The use of candles are ONLY permitted in enclosed holders/lamps/lanterns. We encourage using LED candles and other decorative lighting that does not disrupt the historical expression.
  • Modern tools and appliances like coffee makers, refrigerators, sinks, wash basins, etc. should be camouflaged to preserve the medieval illusion for festival guests.
  • Any signs must be made of wood or leather and the text must be written in a typeface/script that does not disrupt the historical expression.
  • Note that it is allowed to sleep max 2 persons in the stalls, and that this has to be registered by the festival organizers due to safety reasons.
  • It is not permitted to sleep in the cars parked in the festival parking. 
  • All stallholders and festival participants must hand in an approved sketch on the design of you stall before the festival, where you mark where people sleep overnight in the stall if that is the case.


Please dress appropriately to your role in the festival. This means e.g. that market stallholders should not dress as nobility. Note that your outfits should be representative of the aforementioned medieval period c. 1350-1536:

  • Everyone in the stall or camp must wear medieval outfits.
  • We would love it if you also wear medieval shoes, but if you do not have any, neutral-coloured regular shoes can also be used. Avoid trainers/sneakers or similar footwear with logos and in strong colours.
  • Remember to wear a headdress of some sort.
  • Mobile phones, wrist watches, and other modern equipment should not be worn visibly.
  • The festival organizers will be wearing modern uniforms for safety reasons.


Food, ingredients, and serving

Modern ingredients and cooking methods are not allowed. Your food should be prepared and served like it would have been in the medieval period c. 1350-1536. Cutlery and tableware should replicate medieval items.

  • Paper napkins, plastic, disposable plates, e.g. paper plates, aluminium trays, chinaware, and brown paper bags are NOT allowed. If you are in doubt, please contact bodholder@horsens.dk
  • Food should be served on cabbage leaves, hard bread, wooden plates or dishes, or in clay bowls/dishes.
  • Forks are not allowed – please provide spoons or let customers use their fingers.
  • Plastic utensils are NOT allowed.
  • Sandwiches, food wrapped in bread/pancakes, and similar items are not allowed.
  • Any mead you sell should be in clay receptacles or glass bottles that are as close to historical accuracy as possible. If you sell mead, please contact the festival.
  • Drinks must be served in the Festival’s own clay cups, purchased from the organizers (Department of Culture and Events, Municipality of Horsens). The cups are ordered separately and handed out at check in. Information about pre-ordering cups will be emailed prior to the festival.
  • It is the stall holders own responsibility that the general food safety is in order and that the applicable (Danish) regulations are complied with. Reference is made to rules for stalls at festivals, markets, etc. including the current hygiene guidelines on the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration’s website.

You can find inspiration for medieval recipes in various literature; e.g these in Danish:

  • Bi Skaarup og Henrik Jakobsen: Middelaldermad – kulturhistorie, kilder og 99 opskrifter.
  • Bente Leed: Danskernes mad i middelalderen – smag selv.
  • Erik Kjersgaard: Mad og øl i Danmarks middelalder.


Garbage sorting
All stalls will be required to sort their waste to help make the festival a more sustainable event. Waste containers and information on how to handle sorting will be send to you or provided at check-in.
We all have a responsibility for keeping the festival grounds tidy throughout the festival, so please make sure you keep your area clean. Failure to do so may result in a fee of DKK 1000.
Stall holders should use containers for you waste. Please do not use the smaller trashcans lined up for the festival guests.


We acknowledge that everyone can carry medieval weapons at Horsens Medieval Festival. We also allow exhibiting and selling weapons at the festival. However, this must be done by entering into a purchase agreement with the customer and handing over the weapon after the event. It is up to the individual to comply with Danish weapons laws and international laws of import and export in the EU.
The festival reserves the right to make spot checks.


Weapons that require permission
Sharp and pointed weapons with a blade over 12 cm require permission from the police if used for sports or leisure activities, including public performances and other creditable purposes.


Weapons that do not require permission
Edged weapons that are not sharp and pointed do not require permission from the police and may be carried without a permit. Note that it is the user’s responsibility that any such weapon is not sharp or pointed. The festival organizers’ determination applies in case of doubt.


Buy gas from the festival
Based on reinforced rules on handling flammable, you should as stallholders note that bringing your own gas requires that you secure a gas use permit from your distribution company. That means that you must bring along valid documentation from the distribution company to the festival. Horsens Medieval Festival will secure this permit for you if you buy your gas from the festival. Information about pre-ordering gas will be sent out prior to the festival.


Financial support for Stallholders
If you want to participate with a stall that focus on educating and/or showing of crafts, with no or very little sales, the festival may find you eligible for a discount or financial support.


In order to secure participation at the festival, stallholders must pay the stall fee before the festival. Invoices will be sent out in end of June.
If you have paid your stall fee but wish to cancel, the full fee can be refunded to you. However, this must be done no later than August 1.


After the festival you will receive an invoice for any purchases or additional expenses in connection with the festival (e.g. cups and gas etc).


Safety (Fire and accidents)
All participants are obliged to orientate themselves thoroughly in the map of this year’s festival site, so that in the event of an accident you know escape routes, nearest fire extinguishers, defibrillators and First Aid tents.

In case of accidents or emergencies:

  • Stop the accident if possible.
  • Assess the situation and make the emergency call 112 if necessary (114 for non-emergency situations).
  • Provide first aid or firefighting yourself, where possible.
  • Contact the festival organizers and inform about the situation.
  • If evacuation is required, the organizer will be responsible for this.

In the event of a minor accident, use the First Aid medics and fire extinguishers on site and always inform the festival organizers about the accident and its extent.


The organizer cannot be held responsible for theft, loss of or damage to goods, instruments, props in connection with participation in the festival. Horsens Medieval festival provides guards at night that circulate on the festival site from Wednesday the 28th – Sunday the 01st of September.


Breach of terms
It is considered contract maintenance if the festival terms are not complied with. In case of a breach, the stall keeper must act to stop the breach immediately. However, a stallholder may be removed regardless of whether conditions have been corrected if the festival organizers deem it necessary. Payment for the stall will not be refunded in such a situation.

If the festival management finds any non-approved goods during the festival, these items must be removed immediately. Stalls will be checked for contents during the festival. The festival management reserves the right to close down your stall and keep your stall fee if the non-approved goods are not removed immediately at first remark or if you otherwise violate your contract.
The stall keeper is responsible for making sure that any assistants/staff etc. at the stall comply with the terms.


In the event of cancellation the festival cannot be held responsible for the inventory goods or other types of expenses associated with the planned participation of the festival. The stall fee will be refunded in this case before the end of September 2024.

Information about TAX

As a stallholder, you are responsible as to whether there are claims from the Danish Tax Authorities, SKAT, regarding VAT registration of your stall. It is the stallholder’s responsibility to comply with the laws. SKAT has the power to close your stall if their officers visit you at the Festival, and you cannot provide sufficient documentation.

You can find more information at www.skat.dk or by calling SKAT on tel +45 7222 1818.

Info about processing your Personal Data

Horsens Municipality processes your Personal Data in connection with the management of functions relating to promoting a vibrant community and cultural life for its citizens, including the fulfilment of Horsens Municipality’s Committee for Culture Affairs regarding events and festivals.

The type of Personal Data processed is standard personal information, such as name, address, CPR number and telephone number.

Personal Data Protection
Horsens Municipality is responsible for Personal Data protection and can be contacted at the following address:

Rådhustorvet 4
8700 Horsens
Tel: +45 76 29 29 29

Horsens Municipality registers the information received and may transmit that data to other public authorities, private companies and others who have a legal requirement for the information.

Personal Data is permanently deleted, as and when the purpose for which it was collected ends, and it is no longer available to the Municipality.

According to the General Data Protection Regulations you have the right to be informed of the Personal Data we hold about you. In the event that the information about you is inaccurate or misleading, you have the right to request that it be corrected or deleted.
You can read more about your rights here.

Data Protection Officer
You can contact our Data Protection Officer regarding your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act.

Horsens Municipality’s Data Protection Officer can be contacted at: databeskyttelsesraadgiver@horsens.dk

You have the opportunity to complain about the processing of your data. Complaints should be directed to The Danish Data Protection Agency at the following address:

Borgergade 28, 5.
1300 Copenhagen K
Tel. +45 33 19 32 00


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