The story of Horsens largest recurring event

The first steps

In 1992, Horsens celebrated its 550th anniversary celebration with a number of events, where the main attraction was a Medieval Market on the main town square. The medieval market took place on a frosty day in November, and it was a huge success with around 20,000 guests.

The medieval festival continues to grow

After three years and some other large scale events, such as Europeade in 1993, it was decided that Horsens should have its very own festival. With the town’s own experiences from the Medieval Market in 1992, it was decided to launch a new Medieval Festival. In 1995, the first official Festival was held with great success. It became an annual event in Horsens City Centre that grew steadily.

Video from the festival’s time in the center of Horsens

The Medieval Festival moves

After 18 years, the Festival developed into one of Europe’s largest Medieval Markets. But the space in the city centre was getting tight. In September 2012, Horsens Town Council unanimously decided to move the Medieval Festival near FÆNGSLET, the imposing former State Penitentiary. With FÆNGSLET as a backdrop, the Festival had a fantastic opportunity to create the illusion of a castle with a large medieval market with all that accompanies it such as music, knights on horseback, jousting, jugglers, food stalls, merchants and craft stalls.

In August 2013, the first Medieval Festival was held at FÆNGSLET with great success and approximately 60,000 guests.

In 2020, we were looking forward to celebrating the Festival’s 25th anniversary. Sadly the fesival was cancelled due to the covid-19 pandemic.

In 2021 we held an alternative version of the festival as it was not possible to gather large crowds due to covid-19 restrictions. Over the course of 4 days we held different smaller scale medieval events around the city of Horsens.

kvinde laver mad over bål på Horsens middelalderfestival