Map of the festival site

Depending on where you are at the Festival site, you will experience a variety of different elements from the Middle Ages.


“Markedspladsen” is a large area where the bustle of merchants, food stalls, inns and various medieval activities come to life.

Horsens Middelalderfestival


“Buen” is the name of the children’s area. Here you will find all kinds of fun activities for children and childish souls alike, including a petting farm, a medieval carousel and clay toys. There is also an archery range here which is definitely not only for children.


“Borggården” is the main area to find the Knights Arena, flag throwers and exciting stalls.

Horsens Middelalderfestival


“Klosterhaven” is a tranquil area with space to relax, or visit the medieval church with monks and nuns, as well as medieval plants and medicinal herbs.