Apply to be Stallholder

If you come from outside of Denmark and would like to have a stand or camp or rent a booth at Horsens Medieval Festival, you can sign up by sending an email to

The registration period for 2020 is closed.

Our terms for stalls and camps

At Horsens Medieval Festival we are passionate about our authenticity for reviving the Middle Ages. In order to participate in the Festival, your stall or camp must represent a trade stall or field camp from the Middle Ages period 1350-1536. Your stall or camp must therefore not contain modern props and materials or goods from the Viking Age.

Please read our Terms and Conditions before signing up.

Your deadline

We must have received your registration form by no later than 15th February 2020. If we receive your registration after this date, you will be placed on our waiting list.
We will confirm your participation in the Festival by mid-April.

Please note that the registration period for 2020 is closed.

Contact if you have questions about the registration process.

Are you a craftsman?

It is free to participate as a craftsman at Horsens Medieval Festival, if your primary activity at the Festival is the demonstration of crafts and the involvement of the audience. If you want to participate as a craftsman, you should write it in the comment field in the application form. Once we have received your registration, we will contact you to hear more.

Before you apply

Please include the following information in your registration.

We should like to know

  • The association / stall holder name.
  • Contact information.
  • VAT registration number or Social Security Number.
  • The quantity and size of your tents and/or stalls. It would be useful if you can attach a sketch of the layout of your space.
  • Do you need to rent stalls from the Festival organisers?
  • Do you need access to electricity? How many watts do you need? Please specify the electrical appliances you have?
  • Will you have a bonfire? Will you use barbecue or gas? Please including the quantity and sizes.
  • Will you sell food and drinks? Will you offer activities? Please include specifics, pictures and source material.
  • Do you want to stay overnight in the booth?
  • Do you have plans to sell or carry weapons during the Festival?

Please fill in the registration form as detailed and accurately as possible. We use your information for the layout of the Festival site and for information in the Festival’s program.

What does a stand cost?

Food Stands

Pitch, food and drink with alcohol license
7.000 DKK

Pitch, food and drink without alcohol license
3.000 DDK

Trade Booths

Pitch with merchandise under 30 m2
1.200 DKK

Pitch with merchandise over 30 m2
2.000 DKK

Pitch with merchandise + alcohol, under 30 m2
3.000 DKK

Pitch with merchandise + alcohol, over 30 m2
4.000 DKK

Supplement per additional square metre
134 DKK

A stand can be a maximum of 120 m2
20.000 DKK

There may be additional charges for services, for example establishment of water, installation of pumps, supply of electricity etc. If you do not clean up or leave waste, we reserve the right to charge you an extra fee of 1.000 DKK.
If you are an association you must have one or more activities in the booth to get an alcohol license. An activity can be, for example, jesters, magic, play activities, display of crafts or music.

Please note that we receive lots of applications for stalls and alcohol licenses and you are therefore not automatically guaranteed a license or stall.

What does it cost to rent a stall?

800 DKK

900 DKK

900 DKK

600 DKK

Not Fireproof
600 DKK

These stalls can be rented using the application forms for stall holders.

The Festival only has a certain number of stalls available, and therefore we cannot guarantee that all applicants can rent a unit. We typically try to prioritise new applicants, to help them start. We will gladly help you with good advice and guidance, if you want to build your own stall.