Europæisk Middelalder Festival 

Tournament of the White Horse

European Medieval Festival is proud to present The Tournament of the White Horse!

Download fight programme in english (pdf)

Download fight programme in Danish (pdf)

The European Medieval Festival in Horsens has existed for 24 years, with more than 60.000 guests attending during the two-day span of the festival. We are proud to be one of the largest historical festivals in Scandinavia. In 2018 we are beginning a new tradition “The Tournament of the white Horse”, a large-scale Buhurt-league tournament.


The tournament will be fought according to Buhurt-league rules and in the HMB style. Of course, fighters from the IMCF is welcome as well.
The tournament will only focus on 5v5 teams in 2018, and there is room for 25 teams.

The total prize sum will be 50.000 dkr (€6713) split into 4 prices:

First place: 20.000 dkr (€2.685)
Second place: 15.000 dkr (€2014)
Third place: 10.000 dkr (€1342)
Fair play: 5.000 dkr (€671).

The event will take place august 24th-25th, during the Medieval Festival at the same venue. The fighting will take place during the opening hours both days (10-22). Obviously, we will take the daylight into account as well as other factors that might affect the fighting. Don’t worry.

More extensive information about the tournament bracket and times will be released as we get closer to the event. 

The location of the venue is the old prison in Horsens. The exact GPS coordinates can be found here:

Horsens is about 45 minutes’ drive from Billund Airport.

If you need to ship your gear to us that is possible, but you will need to talk to us directly to make arrangements.

We got you! Of course, we will make sure that you are well fed during the event. We will provide breakfast, lunch and dinner Friday and Saturday. We will tell you more when we know more.

We are looking into more options, like a steady flow of free drinks and stuff like that. More information will follow.

We will make sure you have a place to sleep. There is a sports centre on the other side of the street where we will put you up. We have several locker rooms with showers there as well.

It is within a few minutes walking of the venue.

The registration sheet can be found in the left menue of this site.


As you can see we have added an option to sign up for the medieval festival parade. We would really love to have as many of you, in your armour join our parade. It is not mandatory, but it would help us out greatly. The parade usually take about half an hour, and takes place at the venue area. Our hope is to persuade a few of you to do one or 2 short fights. Nothing serious, and no takedowns is needed, just a short exchange of blows to give the audience a taste of the action.

The Parade will signal the opening of the event, and takes place at about 16:00 on Friday 24th. The event has a “soft opening” at 10:00 the same day. However, the time from 10:00 till 16:00 is reserved for local institutions for kids. Of course, we will plan the fighting to accommodate these things.

The main organizer for the tournament is the festival secretariat, however during the event the contact persons in charge will be “The Twins” Mathias Søjborg and Frederik Søjborg. They will make sure that the event runs smoothly, and take care of questions and the like. Please refer to them as much as possible, and they will contact the event organizers if needed.


We very much look forward to seeing you all for a great tournament, and as previously written, more information will follow.

You can get more information about European medieval Festival 2018 here:

Please concider joing the Tournament facebook group for further information:



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