Europæisk Middelalder Festival 
Barbeque in the dark

The European Medieval Festival

The European Medieval Festival is many things: a medieval fair with various and sundry goods for sale, a festival of medieval music, theatre and performance, and a living museum with working exhibitions and opportunities to interact with historical groups and societies.

Each year during the last weekend in August, the European Medieval Festival invites you on a wondrous journey more than 500 years back through the ages.

FÆNGSLET, the former state prison, sets a fantastic stage for a medieval market with its hundreds of interesting stalls as well as music, theatre, and tournaments.

The festival may have its share of playful jesters and merry revellers, but it is not only defined by entertainment and fun of the fair. The European Medieval Festival strives to show all sides of medieval life as authentically as possible: art, craft, music, the bustle of the market, and the ways and customs of daily life. This also means that you won't find an honest cup of coffee or a dollop of ketchup to go with your sausage – these items were simply not available in Denmark circa 1350. 

An exceptional feature of the European Medieval Festival in Horsens is the sense visitors get of travelling back in time and being immersed in the Middle Ages come alive. The Middle Ages should be an experience for all the senses in Horsens. Something to see, taste, smell, and hear.

The European Medieval Festival is not a commercial project, and entrance to the festival grounds is free.


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European Medieval Festival

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