Europæisk Middelalder Festival 
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Safety and Regulations

The European Medieval Festival seeks to represent all aspects of medieval society - arts, crafts, music and customs. It is a dedicated medieval event encompassing the time period from AD 1350 to 1536 with a cultural focus on Europe.

We strive not only to entertain, but also to educate. Visitors should feel they have experienced a realistic portrayal of medieval life. To achieve this goal, the Festival Committee makes a great effort to ensure that the festival - including, props, clothing, equipment and entertainment - is typical of the period being represented.

The Festival Committee provides guidelines for vendors wishing to become traders at the European Medieval Festival. If you have previously attended this event you will be familiar with the standards we expect. However, each year we ask traders to work a little harder to become an authentic participant.

Please take a moment to read the rules and regulations.


The rules and regulations dictate that bonfires and grills, need to follow these rules, unless otherwise stated:

- 5m distance from fireproof (brandmæssigt egnede) stalls.

- 10m distance from fireproof (brandmæssigt egnede) stalls.

These rules are not up for discussion, and dispensation is not possible, since the regulations are determined by the fire-department.

Stallholders must acquire the needed certificates/documentation for their tent-canvas, in order to have it approved as fireproof (brandmæssigt egnet). The criteria is described in the Rules and Regulations. Documentation must be sent to the festival.

The festival can recommend approved canvas if you wish to make your own stall.

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