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Weapons at EMF

Selling and carrying weapons at EMF follows the Danish weapon laws. A Danish version can be found here, however, it is in Danish only. We suggest talking directly to Administrativ Center Vest (ACV - phonenumber: +45 96101449), if you have any questions. ACV is a centralized department in charge of weapons in the western part of Denmark. If you have simple questions you can talk to us, however, we cannot be held responsible for potential misinterpretations.

In general, we suggest using common sense, and if they are not important avoid carrying sharp weapons and knives.

Non-sharp/pointed weapons
These types of weapons are generally regarded as props and does not require a permit to carry or sell. What constitutes “pointed” or “sharp” is not defined however, so be sensible, and if you are in doubt, talk to ACV or us. Normally weapons used for Bohurt or HEMA is regarded as props. Use common sense.

Bludgeoning weapons such as maces, warhammers, clubs and stuff like that is regarded as weapons under the term “totenschlæger”. These weapons require permits to carry and sell. We suggest talking to ACV or us, if you plan on bringing those sorts of weapons.

Sharp weapons
The laws regarding sharp/pointed weapons can be a bit tricky, and generally if you are in doubt, you probably need a permit. Talk to us or the ACV though if you are in doubt.

Generally, weapons with blades shorter than 12 cm (7 cm for folding knives) does not require permits and can be used freely if they are used under “acceptable purpose”. Acceptable purpose is regarded as the use the weapon/knife was intended for, if that use is legal and not dangerous to others. As an example, you can carry a sharp sword at the event grounds, but you cannot bring it out shopping or when you are drunk. Generally, the Danish weapon laws rely on responsible use and common sense.

Some weapons however are not counted under the “acceptable purpose” rule, and require a permit, even if they have blades smaller than 12(7)cm. Mostly these weapons are modern hidden weapons. This list describes the unacceptable weapons:

  • Punch daggers
  • Switchblades
  • Butterfly knives
  • Knives constructed to be carried as necklaces or similar, and that can be drawn with one hand.
  • Throwing stars, throwing knives, throwing axes and similar types of weapons.
  • Hidden weapons such as sword canes and the likes.

Bows, crossbows, guns and similar weapons requires “acceptable purpose”, for them to be legal to carry. In addition, crossbows and guns require permits, which is quite difficult to acquire. We recommend talking to ACV if you have any questions, and we require you to speak with us before bringing crossbows or guns to the festival. We can be reached at

Regarding bows, common sense is again recommended. For instance, you should avoid walking about with sharp arrows ready to fire. We suggest only carrying arrows when you intend to use them, just to make sure. Common sense should guide you here.

Selling Weapons
Selling weapons at EMF requires a selling permit. Obviously, a selling permit is only required for weapons that require carrying permit. It is also required that you make sure that the buyer has the relevant permits. This responsibility rests with you, and not EMF. We cannot be held responsible for breaking any laws in Denmark.

“Non-sharp/pointed” weapons does not require permits. And in theory neither does selling weapons with blades shorter than 12(7)cm and that has “acceptable purpose”. If you are in doubt, we suggest talking to ACV or EMF.

Here is a guide on how to apply for a carrying permit.

Here is a guide on how to apply for a selling permit.

Phone information for ACV:
Telephonenumber: 9610 1449
Monday, Tuesday og Thursday: 10.00-14.00
Wedensday: Closed
Friday: 10.00-13.00





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